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Going to the dentist shouldn’t be a chore to procrastinate, or a source of terror to be avoided. More than anything, these visits are necessary to safeguard your health.

We strive to build an environment and provide service that will leave you completely satisfied and have you coming back year after year. You deserve a healthy mouth, but even more than that, you deserve a safe, comfortable, and accessible way to achieve that health.

At Distinctive Dental Services, we’re committed to making that possible. Every single visit should be a pleasant experience. As a choice provider for patients throughout Lake Jackson, Texas, and its surrounding areas, we are actively engaged in making every visit a fantastic one.

What Can We Do For You

Routine general dentistry is essential for optimal oral health. When you visit DDS, you not only get great care with personal attention—you also get convenient access to the experience of Dr. Scott Elrod and his full range of dental services.

We start with a checkup.

The core of every dental plan is the semiannual checkup and cleaning. At this routine appointment, we perform a thorough cleaning, listen to your concerns, and evaluate your mouth for any underlying conditions. If your appointment uncovers the need for additional care, we’ll be right there on the ground floor, ready to head off anything before it progresses.

Some of the equipment and general dentistry services we provide include:

  • Composite Dental Fillings
  • Dental Bridges
  • Teeth Cleanings
  • Dental Crowns
  • Dental Implants
  • Dentures
  • Laughing Gas
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Periodontal Care
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Sedation Dentistry
  • TMJ Treatment
  • Tooth Extractions

Brush Up: Continued Care for Your Smile.

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Financing Worth Smiling About.

Don’t let cost deter you from scheduling your biannual cleanings. DDS partners with the leaders in oral care financing to offer payment options personalized to your individual treatment needs.