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Save Your Teeth From a Painful Tooth Infection.

If the term “root canal” makes you squeamish, then Distinctive Dental Services is your source of relief. Dr. Elrod has performed root canal therapy for hundreds of patients throughout Lake Jackson and beyond. Our experience and advanced technology allow us to offer root canal therapy that will treat the infected area in just one or two comfortable visits.

A root canal can ease the pain of an infected tooth. Your tooth may become infected for a variety of reasons, from a cracked tooth to a deep cavity. Some symptoms of infection include:

  • Throbbing or pulsing pain in your tooth, neck, or jaw.
  • Swelling in the cheek near the affected area.
  • Tooth sensitivity to either hot or cold, or both.
  • Fever that won’t go away.
  • An abscess, or direct swelling around the affected tooth.

When the tooth pulp and nerves become infected or damaged, a root canal is often necessary to restore the health of the tooth. Putting off a root canal can necessitate tooth extraction and lead to a lot of pain and expensive procedures down the road.

Painful Toothache? Schedule a Root Canal in Lake Jackson!

If you discover you need a root canal, our team will take good care of you right here in our office. During your visit, Dr. Elrod will:

  • Remove the infected and injured tissues.
  • Clean the tooth.
  • Fill the tooth with a medicated material.
  • Cap the tooth with a restoration such as a dental crown.

If you are worried about your visit with us, rest assured that our entire dental team works hard to minimize your discomfort during this routine procedure. A root canal from Distinctive Dental Services is a quick and comfortable way to restore your dental health and get you smiling again.

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